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monira khan
Jul 31, 2022
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The user growth system is the core functional module of user retention in Qingju's business, which includes various gameplays, such as titles, growth values, rights, tasks, medals and a series of means to achieve interaction with users and transparent transmission of honors. Through the establishment of the growth system, it helps us to retain users more effectively, promote user activity, enhance user stickiness, educate country email list users with step-by-step growth, and cultivate user habits, and finally realize the leap from general users of products to core users. For Qingju Bicycle users, the growth system is the product connection force that is integrated between users and products. Different goals are set for users of different classes, and corresponding behavioral means are found for different goals. In order to improve the growth system of Didi Qingju Bicycle, promote the growth of Qingju Bicycle users, and increase user activity, we conduct relevant competitive product analysis and research. Use the incentive system of the growth system to keep the head users active, improve the waist, and the tail users' riding frequency. 2. Background of competing products This article aims to find the design opportunities of the green orange growth system through the analysis of the user growth system of competing products. Qingju Bicycle, Didi's own shared bicycle brand, means a fruit that is slightly green and full of hope. The name "Qingju" echoes Didi's company name "Xiaoju Technology". Qingju Bicycle leases the company's bicycles to users by paying for rides, which is essentially a B2C business model. Whether it is a rental car or a bicycle, it is a travel tool related to the journey. Therefore, in the selection of competing products, this article selects three travel tools as direct competitors: Hello Bike, Didi Chuxing, and Cao Cao Travel. At the same time, as a reference, this article selects products that are also related to the user's itinerary as related competing products for analysis: Fliggy Travel, Where to Go.
Competitive product analysis: How to upgrade 
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